With a conversation between Lynn Berger, Elisa van Joolen, José Teunissen, moderated by Sanne Oorthuizen.

Date: Wednesday, 28 May 2014
Time: 8 p.m.
Location: SMBA, Rozenstraat 59, Amsterdam
Language: English

Free entry

11"x17" Reader by Elisa van Joolen will be launched on Wednesday May 28th. 11"x17" is an on-going project that examines and challenges the fashion industry’s prevailing value systems and proposes new methods of production.

Through the reuse of samples, stock and archive items donated by various fashion brands, van Joolen developed two new series of products that are both conceptual and wearable: a series of unique 11"x17" Sweaters and hybrid 'inside-out' sneakers and sandals titled Invert Footwear. 11"x17" cuts through the fashion system on various levels and opens new perspectives in clothing production, branding, value production and intellectual property.

The reader is a compilation of reflections on the 11”x17” project written from various perspectives. It includes contributions by Lynn Berger, Pascale Gatzen, Ruby Hoette, Alexandra Landré and José Teunissen. The essays are accompanied by extensive visual research by Elisa van Joolen and a photo series by Blommers / Schumm.

The 11"x17" Reader will be launched with a discussion among José Teunissen (independent fashion curator), Lynn Berger (journalist, De Correspondent) and Elisa van Joolen. Moderator: Sanne Oorthuizen (curator Casco – Office for Design Art and Theory).

The reader is designed by Our Polite Society, and published by Onomatopee.