Cyprien Gaillard in conversation with Rein Wolfs and film screening

6 January 2008

The exhibition ‘Rosa Barba - They Shine’ closes with a presentation of work by French artist Cyprien Gaillard during a conversation with Rein Wolfs, artistic director of Kunsthalle Fridericianum.

Gaillard makes films that focus on cities - and suburbs in particular – and the natural world. Through performance, mise-en-scene and intuitively made films, Gaillard underlines the beauty of the locations, while simultaneously exploring their grim connotations. Post-war urban suburbs were constructed as a celebration of hopeful ideals but have degenerated into hubs of conflict and crime. Only now, as they enter their final phase, are they becoming objects of interest, also to artists.

5 p.m.

Language: English

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