Artist's Talk with Sara Blokland

16 March 2011

Sara Blokland talks about her projects, including the work currently exhibited in SMBA, tying it to earlier and subsequent works such as Linda (2006), a work consisting of photographs of the artist’s sister who is a succesful pop singer. As a visual artist, Blokland mostly works with photography. Her work reflects on the complicated role of this medium in relation to the histories of individuals, the concept of family and cultural heritage. Blokland is in conversation with Chris Keulemans.

In the 1990s, Chris Keulemans (1960, Tunesie) was director of De Balie in Amsterdam. After this, he worked as a writer and journalist, travelling to different conflict areas such as Jakarta, Beirut, New Orleans, Prishtina, Sofia, Algiers and Ramalah. At present, Keulemans is initator and artistic director of the Tolhuistuin, a new art centre to be opened in October 2011, located in the North of Amsterdam.

Sara Blokland and Chris Keulemans Wednesday, 16 March, 7:30 p.m.