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PROJECT 1975 Contemporary Art and the Postcolonial Unconscious

Out now!

Get your copy at:

* SMBA bookstore
* Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam bookstore
* black dog publishing

Project 1975 started as a two-year program of Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam. The project was set on exploring the relationship between contemporary art and postcoloniality, which gains more and more relevance to artists and thinkers in a context of a globalizing art world. It addressed key questions such as: How do artists today view the historic or contemporary acts of colonial powers? Do colonial mindsets persist ?in art and its institutions? What can replace the tacitly embraced multicultural normalization of the 1990s? These questions elicited versatile artistic and critical responses, many of which are presented and discussed in freshly released volume Project 1975 - Contemporary Art and the Postcolonial Unconscious.
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