'Making Ends Meet: Precarity, Art and Political Activism', a lecture Joost de Bloois

Saturday 13 August, 5.30 p.m.

The concept of "precarity" serves as a rallying cry for a great number of contemporary protest movements (from the French anti-CPE protests to the Spanish Indignados, via the Greek social movement and recent student protests in Italy and Germany). Equally, "precarity" has become a key notion in both critical theory and artistic practice today. In his lecture at the opening of the Informality exhibition in SMBA Joost de Bloois will unpack the different meanings and the ambiguities of the notion of "precarity" within political and artistic practices and critical theory.

Dr. Joost de Bloois is lecturer at the University of Amsterdam, department of Literary and Cultural Studies

Here you can read the full text of his presentation ‘Making Ends Meet: Precarity, Art and Political Activism’