The Marx Lounge - Complete Programme

In connection with The Marx Lounge, SMBA has organised an intensive public programme of reading circles, lectures, film screenings and artist’s presentations. In particular, local partners and artists living in Amsterdam were invited to provide contributions for this project.

Tuesday, 19 April: International Socialists: ‘Marx and democracy’, reading group led by Pepijn Brandon. (in Dutch)

Wednesday, 20 April: Liberticide: ‘Context’, led by Tiers Bakker and Robin Brouwer. (in Dutch)

Wednesday, 27 April: Liberticide: ‘Economics’, with guest speaker Pieter Lemmens. (in Dutch)

Fridays, 29 April and 13 May: Two lectures by Joost de Bloois and Ernst van den Hemel on the work of the philosopher Alain Badiou.

Mondays, 2 May and 23 May: Two post-colonial reading groups, led by Joris Lindhout with guests Renzo Martens on the 2nd and Quincy Gario on the 23rd. (in Dutch)

Tuesday, 3 May: International Socialists: ‘Marx’s method: historical materialism’, reading group led by Sara Murawski. (in Dutch)

Wednesday, 4 May: Liberticide: ‘Security, surveillance and control’, by Robin Brouwer (in Dutch)

Tuesday, 10 May: Artist Zachary Formwalt leads the close-reading group ‘Problematizing Consumption’.

Wednesday, 11 May: Liberticide: ‘Politics’, with guest speaker Frans Winkens. (in Dutch)

Monday, 16 May: Dr. Johan Hartle leads the open work group ‘Art as institution and its critique’ with contributions by the artist Rainer Ganahl.

Tuesday, 17 May: A Marx Reading by conceptual artist Rainer Ganahl.

Wednesday, 18 May: Liberticide: ‘Media’, led by Tiers Bakker. (in Dutch)

Thursday, 19 May: Screening of The Forgotten Space by the artist Allan Sekula and the director Noël Burch, introduced by the art theorist Sven Lütticken.

Sunday, 22 May: Screening of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Appunti per un Orestiade Africana with contributions of artist Patrizio Di Mazzimo and curator Cosmin Costinas

Tuesday, 24 May: International Socialists: ‘Introduction to Das Kapital’, reading group led by Joost Ploeger. (in Dutch)

Wednesday, 25 May: Liberticide: Debate 'Fiscalicide' with Liesbeth Noordegraaf-Eelens Ewald Engelen, Theo W.A. de Wit. Moderated by Laurens ten Kate. (in Dutch)

Thursday 26 May: Film screening of Alfredo Jaar’s Muxima (2005), with an introduction by the artist Cláudia Cristóvão.

Saturday, 28 May: Performance-presentation of Destruction of the Orchestra by Jeronimo Voss.

Tuesday, 31 May: International Socialists: ‘The relevance of Marx today’, reading group led by Maina van der Zwan. (in Dutch)

Wednesday,1 June: Liberticide: ‘Alternative society’, led by Tiers Bakker and Robin Brouwer. (in Dutch)

Date to be announced. A lecture by Lucia Pradella on the relevance of Marx’s Capital for the analysis of globalization and the current crisis.

Those who have an interest in participating are asked to indicate that in an e-mail to Nota bene: as a rule, the number of participants in the reading circles is limited.

For some reading groups a bibliography is recommended. Upon registration the titles of the literature involved will be sent to you. The participants are responsible for the cost of acquiring this material for their use.