BijlmAIR: Clarence Albert - Artist talk and BBQ

Saturday June 8, 16.00-22.00

Address: Florijn 42, Amsterdam Zuidoost

Entrance: Free

Join us in the Bijlmer for an artist talk by Clarence Albert in which he will tell about his own work and the artist collective ROX in Zambia which he is part of. Drinks and snacks from 16.00, the talk starts at 17.00 after which there will be more time for discussion, drinks and BBQ.

Clarence Albert was born in Zimbabwe, but lives and works in Lusaka, Zambia. His main practice is sculpture, and together with a group of local artists Albert runs an artist initiative and workshop called ROX (Roots of Expression) since 2006. Because there is no formal art educaton in Zambia, ROX also educates artists by means of apprenticeships. Albert's personal practice revolves around the usage of available found materials. Starting from marble (which is abundant and free of charge in Lusaka) he changed to using the plastic trash which is flying around Lusaka, and the most up to date material is car wrecks which he collects from police compounds. The topics he works with are a range of contemporary social problems, from environmental isues to hiv/aids related concepts. During his BijlmAIR residency he is working on a sculpture to be revealed at the end of June in the garden of CBK Zuidoost.

The BijlmAIR residency is organized by Stichting Flat, CBK Zuidoost and SMBA.

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