BijlmAIR : Maria Guggenbichler, SISTER FROM ANOTHER MISTER

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1 April – 30 April 2013

BijlmAIR studio/apartment, Florijn 42

SISTER FROM ANOTHER MISTER is an events and research program, set up by the current BijlmAIR resident, the artist Maria Guggenbichler. SISTER is taking place during the whole month of April 2013 in and around the BijlmAIR premises in Florin 42, Amsterdam De Bijlmer.

SISTER is a public events program for contemporary art, amateur conversations, everyday users' culture, petit explorations in theory and practice, group hallucinations, specialists' strolls in the neighborhood, semi-academic thinking, science fiction of the past, reverse afro-futurism, the legacy of modernist urbanism, cultural cannibalism and queer appropriations, architecture parties, cooking dances, lingua franca, Wild Styles, former upper class hobbies in what used to be a ghetto, R'n'B stars and HIP HOP.

With Anna McCarthy, Kapwani Kiwanga, Wendy Van Wynsberghe, Maria Boletsi, Jerry Kno'Ledge Afriyie, Looi van Kessel, Gerlov van Engelenhoven, Maria Trenkel, Niklaus Mettler, Missy Elliot, DJ Døg, DJ Fair Trade, DJ Miss Samidi, DJ Boris Becker, Ivana Hilj, Rachel Somers Miles, Caetano Carvalho, Luc van Weelden, David Morris, Ti Grace Atkinson, Chris Kraus, DJ Nate, Deniz Unal, Leandro Cardoso Nerefuh, Lina Bo Bardi, Alencastro, Stefan Wharton, Alexander Krone, Nikos Doulos, Bart Witte, Nadia Tsulukidze, Stalin, Lieke Wouters, Thomas Hirschhorn, Innercity, Fyoelk, The-High-Exalted-Never-Out-Dated-Grand Wizard Crem Fresh, Moemlien, Sapi & Cheworee Safari, Jamila Drott, BST Crew, Kristy Fenton, Rammellzee, Anne Dersen, Margarita Osipian, Tim Verlaan, Mark Minkjan, Katharina Rohde, Roel Griffioen, amongst many others.

Maria Guggenbichler (1985) is a German-born artist currently living and working in Amsterdam, but scattering her artistic practice all over the world. Her work is idea-based, and often finds its form in spaces and situations which push for fluid circulation of knowledge, non-knowledge, silly jokes and cactus dances between people.

SISTER FROM ANOTHER MISTER has been made possible by BijlmAIR, AFK (Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst) and Maria Guggenbichler. BijlmAIR is the artist-in-residence programma of CBK Zuidoost, SMBA and Stichting FLAT.