Right About Now. Art and Theory in the 90s

The collection of essays Right About Now: Art & Theory since the 1990s has been published in connection with the Right About Now lecture series held in 2006 and which included speakers like Nicholas Bourriaud, Hal Foster and Deborah Cherry, amongst others. All of the presented lectures have now been edited into one book, revolving around six topical themes: The Body, Interactivity, Engagement, Documentary Strategies, Money and Curating. The book offers a broad and up-to-date review of the most important developments, themes and ideas in the visual arts of the 1990s. The starting point for Right About Now: Art & Theory since the 1990s is the observation that the enormous diversity in artistic production of the last fifteen years has generated virtually no theoretical reflection or historical context. The contrast with previous decades could scarcely be starker. In the 1990s it was mainly the art itself and the experience it provided that were key. read more...


Title: Right About Now: Art & Theory since the 1990s

Editors: Margriet Schavemaker, Mischa Rakier

Essays: Jennifer Allen, Sophie Berrebi, Claire Bishop, Beatrice von Bismarck, Maaike Bleeker, Jeroen Boomgaard, Nicolas Bourriaud, Deborah Cherry, Hal Foster, Vít Havránek, Marc Spiegler, Olav Velthuis en Kitty Zijlmans Language: English

Cover: 184 p. / bound /

soft cover / 17 x 24 cm / black white illustrations

Price: 19,50 ? /

ISBN: 9789078088172

Published: Valiz Publishers

Year: 2007