Research Intervention. An Evening

Thursday 19 February, 8 p.m. - 10 p.m.

Presentations Master Artistic Research, University of Amsterdam: Edgar Morales Caamaño, Brecht Govaerts and Emily Huurdeman
Special appearance: Ilya Rabinovich

“Thinking occurs when things are uncertain or doubtful or problematic.” John Dewey

The works presented in this Research Intervention belong to the style of the unfinished and the realm of the process. The diverse ideas explored in these works revolve around themes ranging from historical military museums and identity to the essay as a form of performance, to the prehistoric mind and queer language. All of these projects present inconclusive approaches to art as well as to research. It is a moment of first stage “things”: thought processes, findings so far encountered.

Research, with trials and errors, creates for the participants an addiction fueled by an intense and individual focus on a specific subject. It is a need to observe, investigate and display those particularities found along the way. The presentation and analysis of the prehistoric mind or queer language on this evening for instance raise the question: how can we actively engage with the making of knowledge in its various forms and stages?

In times defined by uncertainty, the aim of the artists in this intervention is to allow the imagination to wander about the vast possibilities of being involved in what we know and do not know. Not in an abstract or formal way but keeping the questions regarding art, knowledge and experience close to the things/ideas produced.