‘Tala Madani – The Jinn’: Guided Tour by Arnisa Zeqo

Sunday, 5 February, 2012

14.00 - 15.00

Free admission

Language: English

Reservations can be made by sending an e-mail to mail@smba.nl

On its closing day Tala Madani’s exhibition ‘The Jinn’ will be the setting for a guided tour by Arnisa Zeqo. A characteristic feature of Madani’s works is that they have the power to direct the viewer’s imagination in a variety of ways. Often they appear to be felicitous snapshots depicting just one moment in a possibly much more extensive narrative, seducing the viewer to fill in the missing elements by thinking of all kinds of personal memories and references. Accordingly, during this tour Zego will not restrict her comments to informative details about Madani’s practice, but in an unconventional manner will relate what comes to her mind in response to the works.

Arnisa Zeqo studied history of art and philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. Together with Laurie Cluitmans she recently organized the exhibition 'He Disappeared Into Complete Silence: Re-reading a Single Artwork by Louise Bourgeois' at Museum De Hallen Haarlem. She is co-founder of RONGWRONG, a small art space situated in the ground floor of her house in Amsterdam.

This event has been organised as part of the ´What You Think You See` series of guided tours by representatives from diverse disciplines and backgrounds. The tour leaders are invited to present their views on the works on display in SMBA by putting into words what they think they see and by relating their thoughts to their personal experiences and knowledge domains. This way the guided tours can open up new facets on the artworks and encourage participants to actively engage into the discussion about the work. The tours are intended for art specialists as well as for the general public. SMBA is presenting ‘What You Think You See’ in collaboration with Raoul Zöllner, who is currently studying at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam.