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Presentation by Charl Landvreugd in SMBA

BijlmAIR resident Charl Landvreugd presents on Monday evening 13 December his new work Atlantic Transformerz 2010 which he made during his residency period from September to December 2010. In a lecture he will also discuss its context. BijlmAIR is an artist-in-residence programme run by Centrum Beeldende Kunst Zuidoost (CBK Zuidoost), Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam and Stichting Flat.

Door open: 7:30 pm, Start: 8 pm.
Free admission.

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Museum N8

What is the essence of a photograph, or more precisely, of an ID photo, portrait or self-portrait? You could almost ask, what is the essence of art. Or, what is the essence of life? That time always passes. As the Greek philosopher Heraclitus put it in the 5th century BC, Panta Rhei, ‘Everything changes, nothing remains still’. In the short video film ‘Irina Birger Thinks Drawing is Important’, Irina Birger provides her answer to such questions. A waterfall of self-portraits taken from photo albums belonging to her, her family and circle of acquaintances, creates an ingenious, dizzying autobiography of the artist through the years.
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Museum N8

‘A City Landscape Performance Tour’ consists of a circuit around various performances brought together by the collective The New Collagists. The performers invited are Paul Haworth, Anita Hrnic, Boy Jonkergouw and Meldy Peaches. Beginning at 7:30 p.m. The New Collagists have scheduled a continuous programme with their work.

The New Collagists is a collaboration between Kelly Kerssens and Johanna de Schipper. Using theatrical means they investigate works in public space. Films, magazines, fashion and fame, interpersonal relationships, feminism, childhood memories, tradition, religion and obsessions are their sources of inspiration.
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Lecture by Mark Manders in SMBA

Monday, October 4, starts at 8:00 p.m.
A person, a chair, a table and a cat: together these everyday elements freeze into a mysterious installation. The interpretation is up to the viewer. On Monday evening, 4 October, the artist Mark Manders, winner of the Dr. A.H. Heineken Art Prize for 2010, will speak about his work in Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam. The lecture is entitled “A Place Where My Thoughts Are Frozen Together”. The lecture is organised by the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences, in cooperation with SMBA.
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Dubai-work by Hala Elkoussy travels to New York

The monumental photo work Myths & Legends Room - The Mural by Hala Elkoussy, made on the occasion of the Abraaj Capital Art Prize 2010, which Elkoussy won together with the curator Jelle Bouwhuis, will be seen beginning August 31 in the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) in New York. There it is being exhibited together with the other two winning works, by Kader Attia and Marwan Sahmarani. The complete exhibition was originally conceived for Art Dubai 2010. The exhibition in the MAD runs through October 10. The ACAP 2010 catalogue accompanies the show.
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The Temporary Stedelijk at the Stedelijk Museum

Beginning August 28

The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam is opening its doors temporarily as 'The Temporary Stedelijk at the Stedelijk Museum', with two large presentations: 'Taking Place' and 'Monumentalism'.
Monumentalism - History and National Identity in Contemporary Art is an exhibition of proposals for Municipal Art Acquisitions. This time this exhibition has a specific thematic approach.
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Auction! 21 August 6 p.m.

Lot Description:
Ahmet Ögüt
Punch This Painting
Signed ‘Ahmet Ögüt’
Oil on canvas, framed
90 x 60 cm.
Executed in 2010.

Benthe Tupker, Christie’s Amsterdam

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Apply Now for BijlmAIR

BijlmAIR is the Artist-in-Residence Programme of Centrum Beeldende Kunst Zuidoost (CBK Zuidoost – center of visual arts), Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam (SMBA) and Stichting FLAT (FLAT foundation).

For 2011 BijlmAIR invites artists and other cultural producers to live and work temporarily in Amsterdam Southeast. This period can be used for project research or for realisation of a project or work of art, following a relevant proposal made by the applicant. The selection committee of the participating organisations decides which proposals will be chosen.

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BijlmAIR - Leo Asemota: The Handmaiden, Amsterdam S.E.

Opening: Friday 4 June at 5 p.m.


Since 2005 Leo Asemota has been working on ‘The Ens Project’. During his stay in Amsterdam Southeast from March until June, as part of the BijlmAIR artist-in-residence, he has been refining the central being in this project called ‘The Handmaiden’.
At CBK Zuidoost Asemota presents an installation of four glass cases.

BijlmAIR is the residency program of CBK Zuidoost, SMBA and Stichting FLAT. CBK Zuidoost moved to its new location Anton de Komplein 120. Click here for the site from CBK Zuidoost
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My Space Is Yours at Nieuw Dakota

1 May - 20 June

At the 'growing' exhibition Common Ground, wherein several art institutions from Amsterdam participate, Jelle Bouwhuis, curator Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam, has created a small intimate exhibition My space is Yours. The artworks he has put together have at least one thing in common: they have all been in the unofficial spaces of Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam for a longer or shorter period of time. With work from Jill Magid, Roma Pas, DJ Lonely alias Jonas Ohlsson, Jakob Kolding and an anonymous sculpture.
Nieuw Dakota is a new, international space for contemporary art in Amsterdam-North, on the NDSM-wharf.
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Jakob Kolding

This exhibition is extended until 30 May!
28 March - 30 May 2010

The exhibition ‘Stakes is High’ by Jakob Kolding is in part the result of a residency by the Danish artist in Amsterdam's Zuidas quarter, the new financial center of the Netherlands. He is the third artist in this residency project, which has been organised by the SMBA for the past three years in cooperation with the Research Group of Art & Public Space at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and the Virtual Museum Zuidas.
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Elkoussy en Abraaj Prize

Jelle Bouwhuis, curator Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam, en kunstenares Hala Elkoussy reizen opnieuw af naar Dubai. Vorig jaar won het tweetal op basis van een projectvoorstel de prestigieuze Abraaj Capital Art Prize, ter waarde van $200.000. Het voorstel is inmiddels gerealiseerd en wordt vanaf 17 maart 2010 onder de naam Myths and Legends Room: The Mural op de kunstbeurs Art Dubai getoond.
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Renzo Martens wins CultuurPrijs Vlaanderen

On Monday February 1, Renzo Martens received the CultuurPrijzen Vlaanderen 2009 in the category Film. Joke Schauvliege (Minister of Culture) offered Martens an Award and 12.500 Euro's for his documentary Episode 3 – Enjoy Poverty.
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