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Rosa Barba in Filmbank programme

The film Outwardly from Earth's Center by Rosa Barba is part of the Filmbank Tour No. 17, entitled 'Sugar is Sweet'. The film programme is to be screened in various locations from mid-December to mid-March, including at the 't Hoogt theatre in Utrecht on 11 December and in de Balie in Amsterdam on 15 December.

These screenings come in place of the 'Docu-fictions' evening on 12 December in SMBA which had been planned to accompany the exhibition 'Rosa Barba – They Shine'.
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Conversation between Jelle Bouwhuis and Mark Lewis

In conjunction with the exhibition 'Rosa Barba – They Shine', the British/Canadian artist Mark Lewis will give a presentation of his work in Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam. Lewis makes film installations and is editor of Afterall. During this evening Lewis will be in conversation with curator Jelle Bouwhuis. Lewis will show some of his film works and also discuss his essay Is Modernity our Antiquity? which was one of the guidelines for Documenta 12.

8:00 p.m.
Language: English
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Van der Werve wins Volkskrant Award

The Volkskrant Newspaper has annonced that Guido van der Werve is the winner of the Volkskrant Beeldende Kunst Prijs (Volkskrant Award for Visual Arts). Van der Werve is renowned for his short films “which stick in one’s memory”, according to the jury report. “The films are combinations of Caspar David Friedrich paintings, the films of Chaplin and the work of Bas Jan Ader”. Van der Werve (1977) exhibited two new films in a solo show at SMBA in 2006. The Volkskrant Award consists of a financial award of 7.500 euro and an exhibition at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht.

Book Launch: Right About Now: Art & Theory since the 1990s

The Stedelijk Museum, the University of Amsterdam, W139, Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam and Valiz are pleased to invite you to the launch of the publication Right About Now: Art & Theory since the 1990s. On this occasion first copies will be presented to Hans van Straten (Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds) and Gijs van Tuyl (Stedelijk Museum). In response to the book, Paul Domela (Program Director Liverpool Biennial) will deliver a short lecture reflecting on its content.
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Image Debate

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During the Amsterdam Museum Night (November 3) an ?image debate? will take place at Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam. The event will focus on a discussion about the use of images in the public domain by highly diverse social groups such as Christians, Moslems and feminists.
A central question is what contemporary iconoclasm means today, how it functions and from which backgrounds these actions are supported or even stimulated. This will take place in the form of a public debate which is to centre on various images which have been the subject of controversies over the last few years, such as the bikini advertisement in Utrecht, the Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, and the Buddha sculptures at Bamiyan in Afghanistan.
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Right About Now

In connection with the lecture series Right About Now: Art and Theory since the 1990s, which took place in 2006 in Amsterdam and initiated by SMBA and others, the text reader will finally become available soon at Valiz publishers. The starting point of the Right About Now-project is the observation that the great diversity of art since the 1990s has generated virtually no theoretical reflection or historical contextualization. The contrast with previous decades could scarcely be starker. In the 1990s mainly the art itself, and the experience it provided, played a key role. And yet this “art without theory” can, of course, be interpreted theoretically and historicized.
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The Rise on show at the Berlinische Galerie

The film installation The Rise by the artist duo Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani will be shown in the group exhibition ‘Neue Heimat – Berlin Contemporary’ at the Berlinische Galerie, Landesmuseum for modern art, photography and architecture in Berlin. The Rise resulted from a residency period in Amsterdam’s South Axis (Zuidas). Consequently this area is also the staging ground for the film. The installation was shown in SMBA earlier this year and afterwards also in Platform 21 (Amsterdam) and at the Basel Art Fair, among others. For more information about the residency and the exhibition in SMBA see elsewhere on this site. The exhibition in the Berlinische Galerie starts at September 13 and lasts until January 7, 2008. For more information see

SMBA nominated for the prestigious AICA Award 2004-2006

Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam is nominated for the Dutch AICA Award 2004-2006. In announcing this nomination, the AICA specifically noted the efforts done by SMBA in giving Amsterdam based art an international framework. AICA (Association Internationale des Critiques d'Art) is a non-profit organization whose aim it is to support art criticism in all its diverse forms and disciplines. The previous award was given to Paula van den Bosch and Thomas Hirschhorn for the exhibition 'Anschool' in the Bonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht in 2005. For the current award five more institutions for contemporary art are nominated. More information on

Magid in Gagosian, Elkoussy in Tate Modern

Jill Magid, who had a solo exhibition in SMBA in 2005, is now also showing at the prestigious Gagosian Gallery on Madison Avenue in New York. There she presents six works, mainly new ones. The exhibition lasts till August 3.
Hala Elkoussy’s film Peripheral Stories, which was screened continuously SMBA in March/April 2006, is now on show at the Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern in London. The work is part of the large presentation ‘Global Cities’. This exhibition is free accessible and to be seen until August 27.

The Rise on show in Platform 21 and Art Basel

In the past months, several artists have lived and worked in the Virtueel Museum Zuidas´ residencies in order to respond to developments in the Zuidas area. The results of their work can be seen from June 1-17 in Platform 21. The film The Rise by Fischer & El Sani will also be screened. This work was already on show in the exhibition by the same name in SMBA earlier this year. Moreover, The Rise will also be on show in the stand of Gallery Eigen+Art on Art Basel from June 13-17.

Book launch: We All Laughed at Christopher Columbus

Following exhibitions at Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam and Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center, the third presentation formed under the title 'We all Laughed at Christopher Columbus', is realized in the form of a publication. Again several artists, selected by curators Krist Gruijthuijsen and November Paynter, reflect on historical events, this time in print. The result of this trilogy is a series of connected chapters which each individually form a subjective and artistic statement of a past event. The book will be presented in the Turkish pavilion at the Venice Biënnale on June 9.
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Book Launch: Militant Bourgeois

As the final chapter in the ‘Militant Bourgeois: An Existential Retreat’ project by the artist Chris Evans, on May 29 the publication of the same title will be launched. In addition to a conversation between Evans and Jelle Bouwhuis, the curator of SMBA, on this evening a number of the artists who have stayed in the Retreat will present work that was created during the time they spent there.
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WRO 07 International Media Art Biënnale

The film The Rise made by the artist duo Fischer & El Sani and commissioned by SMBA, is momentarily on show at the WRO 07 International Media Art Biënnale in Wroclaw (Poland). The Rise is part of the video program which is compiled by freelance curator Jan Schuijren. In addition, the film is also part of the opening exhibition and will be continuously on show during the opening day. It is the first screening of The Rise after the exhibition in SMBA which lasted from March 19 till May 13. More information.

‘Mapping the City’ video programme (reprise)

In addition to the exhibition ‘Mapping the City’, in Stedelijk Museum CS, a unique video programme will be presented in ‘SMCS on 11’.

Divided over two evenings, video’s are shown of artists whose work relates to the city. Central concepts are those of the flâneur and dérive. The former declares the city, the streets and its inhabitants as object of interrogation. The latter emphasises the psychogeographical structures the reveal themselves when one wonders around in the city. More information

Thursday 10 and 17 May
Both evenings start at 9 p.m.
Free entrance

The List

The List is a project about the borders of ‘Fortress Europe’, and poses the question of to what extent art can play a role in addressing this current social, political and cultural topic.

The title ‘The List’ refers to the list of names of all refugees who, as far as can be determined, have died during their efforts to reach Europe.

From March 14 through 21 the list will be presented as a poster in 100 MUPIs – lighted street advertising signs – all around the city of Amsterdam. In addition, a seminar will be held and an information centre will be set up in the SKOR INkijk.

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Lecture Helen Westgeest online

The Lecture ‘The Interaction between Theories of Photography and Contemporary Photographic Practice’ which Helen Westgeest delivered during the book presentation of Sema Bekirovic’ ‘Koet’, is now online.
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The Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam Annual Report 2006 is released.

Headlines are:

> Jelle Bouwhuis from January 1 successor of Martijn van Nieuwenhuyzen
> A great number of activities undertaken in 2006
> Two exhibitions on show abroad
> New residencies for international artists set up near the Amsterdam Zuidas area
> Renewals in communication

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New reading space presented

Together with the opening of the exhibition ´Capricious´, a new reading space was presented in the entrance hall of Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam. This ‘Space To Keep Books or STKB (and magazines)’ is designed and executed by Dutch artist Joris Brouwers.
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