Museum N8

The Curated Street // A City Landscape Performance Tour

6 November 2010

‘A City Landscape Performance Tour’ consists of a circuit around various performances brought together by the collective The New Collagists. The performers invited are Paul Haworth, Anita Hrnic, Boy Jonkergouw and Meldy Peaches. Beginning at 7:30 p.m. The New Collagists have scheduled a continuous programme with their work.

The New Collagists is a collaboration between Kelly Kerssens and Johanna de Schipper. Using theatrical means they investigate works in public space. Films, magazines, fashion and fame, interpersonal relationships, feminism, childhood memories, tradition, religion and obsessions are their sources of inspiration.

In a cadence of statements, sometimes partially autobiographical and coming from all kinds of source material, and often in the company of objects plastered with collages, the spectator is overloaded with poses of somewhat desperate looking figures shrouded in characteristic outfits. For their work The New Collagists extract images, language and poses from the mediatised public field and bounce these back to the viewer in physical form via their performative collages.

Ostensibly they work in a parodic manner, but just as in the media landscape they attach equal value to the different elements. Even though it comes across as activist, meaning is elusive and morality is absent in their attractive play: the big story is never there. Mankind is hopelessly lost in our illusionary world. Meanings shift back and forth between the personal to the public. That is also the case for the viewer: there is nothing to hold on to, and the boundary between the pleasure and shame of watching remains vague.

’A City Landscape Performance Tour’ consists of a circuit past various performances. The New Collagists and four other artists (or collectives) each seek interaction with the audience from their own perspectives. The performances will take place in the SMBA's space and at various locations on Rozenstraat. The tour functions like a chain; the performances flow into each other and the viewer is led through a landscape full of incidents, as it were, to be extravagantly stimulated in a tightly directed environment where deep inner conflicts come to the surface in a confrontational atmosphere. The work hovers around the interface of theatre, experimental music, literature and visual art.

More information about the programme is available at the entrance to SMBA. Visitors will be presented with a 'goody bag' designed especially for this event, with information about the course of the tour. The bags is a project of the designer duo Sarah Kaaman and Martin Falck.


•Johanna de Schipper & Kelly Kerssens, ‘Paris-Texas, And The Dog From Hell’. Location: SMBA

•Paul Haworth, ‘The Next Move Is Yours’. Location: SMBA.

•Boy Jonkergouw, ‘Review of Things Unseen’. Location: SMBA.

Boy Jonkergouw, ‘Goodbye to Jessica’. Location: COC building, Rozenstraat 14.

•Anita Hrnic, ‘MADE’. Location: RadaR, corner Rozenstraat/Eerste Rozendwarsstraat

•Meldy Peaches, ‘Courtly Revolt’. Location: Rozenstraat, between the COC and SMBA.

Starting times for tours

TOUR 1 7:30 p.m.

TOUR 2 8:30 p.m.

TOUR 3 9:30 p.m.

TOUR 4 10:30 p.m.

PS: The programme includes the screening of the film ‘Irina Birger Thinks Drawing is Important’

PPS: The exhibition ‘Black Systems – Extended Version’ by Joep van Liefland can also be seen during the whole of Museum Night.