Miklos Beyer, Anuschka Blommers, Thomas Buxo, Pascale Gatzen, Hendrik-Jan Hunneman, Niels Schumm, DJ I- Sound, Nira Zait

7 juni - 13 juli 2003

smba-newsletter-74.pdf (661 Kb)

Vowels, as in 'connote', or a loophole as in 'power of place', suggesting relevant issues, as in 'imploded', resembling 'a way' (but rarely used). Consonants, as in the German 'ach' (a scaffold), as in 'quilt' (in-between), as in perhaps 'lotS', a hissing 's' common to Arabic languages, not quite as in 'phase', similar to transmitting values from one place to another.

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