Kamarado in Mumbai and New Delhi

22 January – 1 February 2016

As the final chapter of the series of exhibitions of Global Collaborations, ‘Kamarado’ has landed in India. In Mumbai a substantial part of it is to be seen at Clark House Initiative where it forms part of the larger framework of ephemeral and unexpected situations and micro-events, 'Liberty Taken by Surprise'.

The artists of the original 'Kamarado' involved are Sosa Joseph, Adrian Melis, Judy Blum Reddy, Mieke Van de Voort, Jeronimo Voss and Sawangwongse Yawnghwe. To these have been added Yogesh Barve, Nicoline van Harskamp, Poonam Jain, Naresh Kumar, Saviya Lopes and Diego Tonus. The exhibition consists of different events, readings and screenings and runs until February 1. It is accompanied by a short introduction by co-curator Zasha Colah.

Concurrently, a special booth at the India Art Fair in New Delhi features the presentation ‘Yawnghwe Office in Exile with Adrian Melis’, curated by SMBA on invitation by Clark House Initiative as an outcome of ‘Kamarado’. The presentation consists of a series of black paintings inciting both Western modernism and the traumatic history of Birma, its civil wars and the repression of the Shan people and its leadership, from which the Amsterdam based artist Sawangwongse Yawnghwe is a direct descendent. Adrian Melis presents his video work 'The ‘New Man’ and my Father'. In it, Melis poses annoying questions about the communist revolution in his home country, Cuba, of which his father was an avid supporter. He undergoes the interrogation in silence yet his facial gestures speak volumes. The presentation is accompanied by a short introduction by co-curator Jelle Bouwhuis.

The India Art Fair in New Delhi is the major art fair at the subcontinent and a shining symbol of its vivid art world, with an international appeal and of global influence. The India Art Fair opens January 28th. On the closing day January 31st Sawangwongse Yawnghwe will give a presentation at noon.


See for more info of Kamarado: SMBA
See for more info about 'Liberty Taken by Surprise':Clark House Initiative
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'Kamarado' in Mumbai and New Delhi is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and the Institut of Auslandbeziehungen, Germany.

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